5 Myths about Civil Service

Serving the public is a noble calling. Whether it’s as a deputy sheriff, caseworker, clerk or one of dozens of other positions, Civil Service exams are the gateway to a rewarding career, but how do you get your foot in the door?

Many people think Civil Service is mysterious and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything job seekers need to know about Civil Service is available on our website, including FAQs and a guidebook. Even so, sometimes people are afraid to take a Civil Service exam.

Here are 5 Myths about Civil Service and the facts to help you get started.

Myth #1: Word of mouth is the only way to find out about Civil Service exams.

False! Simply sign-up for email alerts and you’ll never miss a Civil Service exam announcement. You can select alerts based on your career interests or follow Civil Service on Twitter and Facebook

Myth #2: There’s no way to know what will be on a Civil Service test.

False! While test questions are always kept confidential, each exam announcement has a section that lets candidates know what subjects will be tested. It’s called the “Scope of Examination” section, usually starting on page 2 of the exam announcement. Carefully reviewing the scope lets candidates know what subjects to prepare for. And, some exams come with State prepared study guides.

Myth #3: Almost no one is hired off Civil Service list.

False! Monroe County Civil Service holds over 350 exams a year that are used by 68 agencies. Approximately 500 people are hired off Civil Service lists annually and 2,000 are hired into non-tested positions.

Myth #4: Entry level tests are only given once a year.

False! Each month Civil Service holds the Office Clerk III exam for qualified candidates and the Caseworker exam is held quarterly. Applications are accepted 24/7, year round. Learn more here.

Myth #5: Completing a Civil Service application is complicated.

False! While it’s important to accurately complete a Civil Service application, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Civil Service has a guide that explains exactly how to complete the application and the information reviewers are looking for.

Now that you know the truth about Civil Service, visit our website and sign-up for an exam today!

Brayton Connard is the Executive Director for the Monroe County Civil Service Commission.

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