Are You Prepared for Your Next Opportunity?

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time or seeking to enhance your career, there are ways to maximize your potential and secure the job that you want. More often than not, many individuals are qualified to work in the vacancy of their choice, and will get called in for an interview. However, the final phase of the interview process requires more than work history and related degrees. So, what does it take to get hired, and what do you need to get that job?
There are tools you should be equipped with prior to and during an interview. Here are some techniques to help you along the way.

Have you done your homework? What do you know about the company? Interviewers often ask this question and are impressed with candidates that can go into detail about the organization, its victories and mission. Specifically, providing detailed logistics about the company (how they operate, and specific information about the program of interest) will help to set you apart from the requisite 30-45 minutes that are allotted for your conversation.

Is your resume up-to-date and/or marketable?

There is no one preferred style for a resume, however, certain components are essential. These include academic experience, accurate work history, and skills. Depending on the position of interest, your resume should be tailored to incorporate key elements that are listed in the job specification. If you have performed related work, list it! And remember, keep your resume up-to-date, list accomplishments that will add to your marketability.

Check for errors!

Make sure that your resume is checked over for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your attention to detail will be scrutinized at this stage of the hiring process. After all, it is your debut! Are your dates accurate? There is nothing worse than a major mistake in your timeline; a simple overlap or anomaly can cause concern and doubt. Ask a mentor to help you “spot check.” Never submit a resume without reading it through a few times for mistakes. I guarantee you will find a few. Remember to refer to your duties in the “past tense” for previous job accomplishments as they are listed.

Craft a great cover letter.

It is common for an employer to request a cover letter along with your resume. Research the name of the lead HR individual in the organization if no contact is listed and address the letter to him or her. Write about your related experiences and touch on why you will be the best candidate for the position.

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