Job Overview

  • Experience Level Highly Skilled
  • Total Years Experience 6-10
  • Education Certification

As the Construction Assistant, you will be responsible for working with students on a day-to-day basis, and to ensure that they are able to conduct the basics skills needed for the construction trade. You will also be responsible for monitoring student performance in the classroom in order to identify who is capable of working in the field. The construction manager will also submit monthly reports, which will highlight projects and updates on students. The student age range is from 18-24.


1. Develop detailed construction plan and schedule.

2. Interface with the program partners and on-site construction staff to provide a seamless progression of classroom to on-site training experience for the YouthBuild participants.

3. Provide oversight of the on-site construction training by: ensuring that trainees get consistent and adequate skills training; helping to set standards for appropriate behavior and ways to handle problems on the construction site; and ensuring work-site safety, learning of safety procedures, and proper construction techniques.

4. Be responsible for overall safety enforcement.

5. Assist in personal and vocational counseling and development of trainee’s leadership skills in conjunction with other YouthBuild staff.

6. Assist in the evaluation of student knowledge and skills in construction.

7. Participate in the development of project-based curriculum that includes construction.

8. Maintain accurate files documenting the construction projects.

9. Implement and accurately maintain a system to track student’s progress and assess their skills and abilities.

10. Identify private contractors or developers who might be interested in collaborative partnerships with YouthBuild and willing to work with young people as construction trainees. Supervise youth onsite; ensure that youth are motivated to take advantage of training opportunities and that basic core skills are continuously reinforced and refined, e.g., knowledge of practical math concepts, reading construction instructions, general work behaviors such as timelines, cooperativeness, initiative, accountability, etc.

11. Engage in clinics to reinforce trade and basic work skills; engage high performing participants in skills tests; train and reinforce compliance with OSHA safety enforcement; complete all job reports and submit to the Program Coordinator.

12. Establish and maintain alliances with union representatives and refer students when appropriate.

13. Attend all staff meetings and coordinate individual plans with other YouthBuild staff.

14. Serve as a mentor to YouthBuild trainees each program cycle.

15. Keep track of all tools and equipment and work with Program Director to secure material needs for job site.

16. Assist in personal and vocational counseling, vocational education and development of leadership skills in conjunction with other Youthbuild staff.

17. Participate in community service projects; and attend all meetings as required.



· Two-three years of experience in housing construction and rehabilitation including carpentry, masonry, electrical work,  plumbing, roofing, dry wall installation, energy conservation techniques, and painting.

· Must be a flexible, energetic, and positive individual who is committed to the education and development of youth in a high quality respectful environment.

· Bilingual Spanish/English strongly preferred.

· Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work with a diverse population of 18-24 year olds and understand the issues relating to such population.

· Basic competency with Microsoft Office including word and excel.

· Have positive relationships with local trade unions, and contractors.

· Must be customer service oriented.

· Must have a valid, clean New York State driver’s license.

· Car necessary.

· Must be able to effectively teach the safe handling of basic hand and power tools.

· Ability to translate construction skills from theory to hands on learning in a real world environment.

· Must be able to tolerate and handle stressful situations in a calm and professional manner.

· NCCER or PACT Training certification a plus.

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