Director of Data and IT 80 views

Job Overview

  • Salary Offer Commensurate with Experience
  • Experience Level Highly Skilled
  • Total Years Experience 3-5
  • Education 4-year degree

The Director of Data and IT will oversee all of the IT and Data functions for University Prep. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Director will work with Chief Officers and other Directors to create and maintain a robust infrastructure for the strategic use of data and technology in service of the school’s mission.

Data Responsibilities

Develop and implement a strategy for growth towards data-driven decision making which includes best practices in Data Governance, Culture, Management, and Security.

Serve as the system administrator and point of contact for data systems including:


Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, and the NYSED business portal

CSI Reporting

Ensure that we report high quality data to NYSED, USDOE, SUNY CSI, and the Board for accountability.

Serve as named District Data Coordinator as defined by the SIRS manual

Ensure that school processes which rely on PowerSchool run smoothly and on time (EOY/SOY, report cards, scheduling, summer school, etc.)

Develop, implement, and maintain systems for the collection, analysis, and use of instructional and performance data. (data meetings, scheduled and ad hoc analyses, etc.)

Provide professional development opportunities related to the use of our data systems and data-driven decision making.

Other duties as assigned

Information Technology Responsibilities

Develop and implement a strategy to optimize the use of technology at UPrep, including best practices in Network Management and Security, Access and Identity Management, Technical Support, User Training, and Device Management.

Maintain a high level of physical and electronic security of UPrep IT and Data systems.

Maintain the physical integrity of U Prep’s technological assets through protection and repairing.

Maintain the physical layout of U Prep’s network.

Serve as the system administrator and point of contact for IT systems and vendors including:

Network appliances and hardware

Telephone system

Microsoft Office 365 and/or GSuite

Smartboards, printers, computers, phones, projectors, and other end-user IT assets

Ensure the timely resolution of user issues by establishing a help desk.

Provide professional development and training opportunities related to the use of our IT solutions.

Other duties as assigned