Job Overview

  • Experience Level Some Experience
  • Total Years Experience 1-2
  • Education High School Diploma or GED

Job Description


  1. Reinforce/support instruction in all assigned Middle Skills classrooms.
  2. Assist/supervise Middle Skills Course projects with teacher guidance.
  3. Provide instructional support to individuals in small groups to assure learning and skill reinforcement with teacher guidance.
  4. Assist classroom teachers in the planning of fieldtrips, guest speakers, and other project based learning tasks.
  5. Assist classroom teachers in the daily, weekly, and unit planning for student instruction.
  6. Assist classroom with teacher guidance in providing students with feedback on daily and unit assessments as part of the instructional program or assist the teacher in the implementation of the classroom management plan and monitoring student behavior.
  7. All others as identified by CTE Administration.

Civil Service TitleTeacher Aide (Non-Competitive)Job Qualifications

Must possess or meet requirements for Civil Service title of Teacher Aide.  High School diploma/CTE training.  One year of experience working with students or one year of clerical experience or a combination of same.  Minimum of two years trade experience in Middle Skills industry,  Manufacturing Trades experience preferred.

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