Job Overview

  • Experience Level Some Experience
  • Total Years Experience 1-2
  • Education Certification

Job Description

The School Psychologist is responsible for providing the psychological services related to the management and learning of students with special needs.

The School Social Worker is responsible for the provision of student and family counseling and social services.

TYPICAL DUTIES ( School Psychologist):

1.  Provide individual psychological evaluation services as required.

2.  Provide student and family counseling as mandated by the Regulations of the Commissioner or stipulated in Individual Educational Plans.

3.  Assist in developing procedures for maintaining classroom management related to learning and/or behavioral problems.

4.  Assist in communicating directly with teachers and parents the results of psychological evaluations and observations of students, as well as recommendations for procedures to alleviate difficult learning and/or behavioral problems.

5.  Communicate with agencies working with students and families.

6.  Prepare and maintain up-dated psychological records, including activities such as evaluations, observation of students, and communications with community agencies.

7.  Participate in staffing conferences to review the programs and progress of students.

8.  Serve as instructor in workshop programs offered for Special Education staff, participating school district staffs and parents.

9.  Perform such other professional duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor of Special Education.

TYPICAL DUTIES (School Social Worker):

1.  Counsel students and family members for interpersonal and/or behavior problems associated with school.

2.  Inform teachers about pertinent experiences that influence student behavior.

3.  Establish and maintain liaison with agencies working with the students and their families, such as Social Security for SSI benefits, Family Court for matters relating to wills and guardianship, the juvenile court system and the Division of Youth.

4.  Participate in staffing conferences to review the programs and progress of students.

5.  Prepare and maintain up-dated records including activities such as triennial social   histories, parent conference summaries, and communications with community agencies.

6.  Perform such other professionally related duties as may be assigned by the Special Education Supervisor.

Job Qualifications

NYS Certification as a School Psychologist or School Social Worker required.  Experience strongly preferred.